The Carrington Foundation For Public Art
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"Peace In Korea"
Created by Carrington
Donated to the U.S. Army

which in turn with the help to Travis AFB

presented this historic sculpture tothe people of

South Korea

"The Eagle"
Shown with artist Ralph Starritt

Donated to
15th Air Force Headquarters Building

Travis Air Force Base

"The Dream"
A Carrington "Hilt" sculpture
donated to and placed in the office of
The Secretary
of The United States Air Force.


"V-1 Bomb Bench"

Donated to USAF Travis VIP Lounge flightline entrance.



"Home To The Hills"
Donated to the

Travis Air Force Base

David Grant Medical Center.

Created in 1967 by Carrington

and donated in memory of his father

Harold James Carrington Sr.

to the

Southern Pacific Railroad

Harkness Hospital

in San Francisco, California

and was later returned

to the artist's collection

when that hospitals closed



Created as a gift to the office  of The United States President

and flown to the South Pole by the USAF hence returned to

Travis AFB where it remains today waiting for presentation.




Donated to and placed in the office of

The United States Air Force Surgeon General.



"Defense In Space"

Donated to USAF Travis AFB for main gate




Travis Air Force Base is a military installation and some of The Carrington Foundation sculptures are not easily available for viewing by the general public.  This restriction is true for all Travis including David Grant Medical Center and the Base Distinguished Visitors Lounge.  Any artwork donated to and accepted by the Air Force does not imply Federal endorsement of the artist or his works.